Hyphen Market Solutions featured by In-Synk

Noted executive coach Michael Synk featured Apryl Childs-Potter and Hyphen Market Solutions in a recent post, “Great organizations see the glass in the road.”

Thanks to Apryl Childs-Potter (Hyphen Market Services) for this analogy.  Apryl is a pretty serious cyclist, often going on rides with other cyclists.  When riding one has to see the glass in the road, and all riders are encouraged and supported for shouting out about some glass in the road, because it helps everyone else in the pack to avoid it and the flat tires that come with it.

Great organizations like it when someone notices and shouts out about the obstacles and problems they are encountering.  They bring these “hassles” to the table and discuss how to solve them, without shooting the messenger who identifies the hassle.  They see the hassles and the people shouting out about them as contributions and contributors.

In-Synk has been working with a select group of Emerge member companies as well as Seed Hatchery 2012 teams, using both Gazelles methodologies and Lean Startup principles to help these companies develop one page business strategies and BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals).

“They all have something good figured out, but the tension of making it happen is immense.  I think they all feel more in control of what will happen with their ideas,” said Synk of his work with these teams. “I’m providing the proper amount of structure, the amount that sets them free.”

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