Accion is a multi-state nonprofit small business lender committed to the success of our borrowers.  With a nearly 20-year track record in providing alternative business financing, Accion lends to all types of small businesses and startups:  restaurants, retail, salons, contractors, manufacturers, consultants, and more.  With lending up to $50,000 for startups and $250,000 for established businesses, we offer a variety of business loan products and provide the tools to help our clients successfully grow their businesses.

Account Services
Account Services is an independent expense management firm serving clients that accept over $1 million annually in credit card payments. We have only one product: an optimization process that reduces payment transaction fees without changing processors, without upfront investment and without taking up client time. Our pay-for-performance contingency fee model makes our service a risk-free, upside-only proposition for clients.

alt.Consulting helps small businesses grow and communities thrive. They work with local business owners and entrepreneurs in rural Delta and minority communities to examine, diagnose, start and rebuild businesses. They provide tailored support, skill building, and access to capital to enhance business performance leading to growth and self-defined success.


Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health is a Fortune 21 company that improves the cost-effectiveness of healthcare. As the business behind healthcare, Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites focus on patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency and quality, and increasing profitability. Cardinal Health employs more than 30,000 people worldwide.


Coroutine, LLC
Coroutine builds software that dramatically improves people’s lives. We’re a team of Rails developers and user interface experts focused on one thing: making the very best software that can possibly be made. We’ve helped companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to startups create innovative solutions to business problems. Tell us your story. We can help.


Decooda International, Inc.
Decooda helps marketing and sales organizations spot insights and behaviors that matter in order to drive accurate real-time execution. They do this by examining the relationship between emotions and behaviors through text analytics, in order to identify the most powerful leading indicators that predict future behaviors.


Endurance Krav Maga
Endurance Krav Maga was designed to provide the practical self defense system of Krav Maga in a safe and family friendly environment. Servicing the general public or specific needs of law enforcement agencies. Krav Maga has been endorsed by hundreds of law enforcement agencies because they don’t have time for fancy moves. They need a self-defense system that is simple and easy to learn. They are available for classes, seminars or private training

Extracon Science
Extracon helps employers and health plans keep their populations healthy by bringing social networking and game mechanics to employee wellness programs. Our online, mobile and social platform makes it easy for clients to run engaging, private-label programs to address the key drivers of long-term health cost: physical activity, weight, nutrition, stress, and sleep. If you’re ready to add engagement to your wellness program, visit Extracon today!




Hyphen Market Solutions
Hyphen Market Solutions provides customized research and data-driven strategy solutions that help organizations better understand and engage their target audiences. Our services are designed to aid small-to-mid-sized businesses, marketing agencies, municipal and nonprofit organizations.


Levitt Shell
The Levitt Shell is an enchanting and historic venue for free outdoor family-friendly performances. With 50 free concerts every year, we are building community through free music under the stars! Our diverse and exciting events are attended by over 95,000 people each year.


Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team
The Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team, with the support of the Bloomberg Philanthropies, are “tackling some of the most pervasive issues in our city.” Their goal is to make Memphis a city of choice through their research-based and results-focused approach to these problems.


MB Innovations
MB Innovations, Inc (“MBI”) is a newly-formed medical technology development company. It will perform research, design and development services for established firms on a fee-for-service basis. MBI will also create its own technologies and intellectual property that will be the basis for new venture formation and job creation. MBI’s presence in Memphis will take advantage of the region’s workplace and logistics advantages in the medical device field, especially the musculoskeletal disease sector. The proximity to Memphis-based research and development capabilities will be an important strategic advantage. MBI’s team of accomplished engineers and surgeon advisors will accelerate the time to market through a focused approach to product development.

Memphis Challenge
Founded in 1989 by Pitt Hyde, The Memphis Challenge coaches high-achieving, underrepresented students, through leadership and professional development, preparing them to become future Memphis leaders. The program currently boast an alumni and student network of more than 500 of the finest academic minds and career disciplines imaginable.


Political Systems and Solutions
Political Systems and Solutions advises political campaigns as well as advocacy groups, and provides them with a wide range of services. Their specialties include strategy development, focus group research, polling surveys, and robocalling.


Prodigi Arts
Prodigi Arts is an animation company that specializes in creating innovative and professional multimedia entertainment for businesses and corporations. We help our clients bring life to their brands, advertisements, marketing and products through the art of animation and motion graphics to meet the growing trends of today. We are a creative arts company that aims to provide a meaningful and lasting contribution to the growth of Memphis and success of its business                                                              community. 

QuadTEK, Inc.
QuadTEK is a Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) technology company, founded and headquartered in Memphis, that enables companies to achieve world-class performance levels and realize greater return from their Oracle investments. QuadTEK’s implementation, upgrade and application support services are specifically tailored for Oracle’s technology solutions, and they have one of the strongest pools of experienced Oracle consultants in the industry.

Memphis fashion, uniquely designed clothing and accessories. Visit their flagship store at 525 South Main, in the historic arts district.


Second Light Productions
We are a full service film and video production and web design company located in downtown Memphis. We are one of the only facilities in Memphis that owns and offers RED camera systems. Our video production work ranges from creating promotional videos, commercials, client testimonial videos, corporate video shoots, internal corporate video, real estate marketing, documentary as well as short and feature films. We take great pride in providing the best experience for our clients and the ability to cater to each unique client’s needs throughout the production process.


Signal Flow PR
Signal Flow is a specialty PR and publicity firm dedicated to serving musicians and music businesses.  They offer a broad range of services in the realm of PR + publicity, and specializes in working with independent artists. If you’re making good music, we want to get it heard by the right ears.


Signifyd is a standalone platform for frictionless payment validation. By bridging the gap between online and offline identity, Signifyd is changing the way e-commerce merchants do fraud screening, making it faster, simpler, and more accurate.


Step by Step Employment
Step-By-Step Employment Services matches well-trained, disabled and ready to return to work individuals, with fair and diversity-minded employers. Their aim is to help employers fill positions with excellent workers who are also disabled. Join their efforts to level the playing field and diversify the workplace.


Technology Happens
Technology Happens provides solutions for Credit Unions. In addition we also offer support, evaluations and training for Credit Unions of Symitar® Episys® core system. We are also the Main Advocate of the CU SuperHero Movement.


US Learning
U.S. Learning is a training firm composed of professionals who deliver innovative, high-impact solutions to their clients. In addition to customizing speeches, seminars, and multiple day programs on sales, negotiation, customer service, marketing strategy, and leadership, they also assist many corporate and association clients with the development of their own University.


Valeo Marketing Design
Valeo Design & Marketing is your resource for innovative web design and effective Internet marketing solutions! In today´s Internet driven market place, an appealing, informative web site is just one piece of the puzzle. Valeo’s web design and Internet marketing professionals take the time to understand your company, your industry, your competitors, and your online business goals. They then develop a customized Internet marketing solution to exceed your expectations and your goals.


ViaSys Technology
ViaSys Technology is an aggressive Information Technology (IT) contract staffing, consulting and software development company headquartered in Memphis. They augment the IT staffs of Fortune 1000 companies and government entities to help them improve their agility, drive down costs and reduce risks.


VIDA PR & Marketing Group
VIDA PR & Marketing Group specializes in creating brands that attract Hispanic, millennial (18-29), and Gen X (29-42) consumers, through media placement, social media, special events, and strategic partnerships.  They are particularly exceptional at internal  and external communications for corporate brands and non-profit organizations, brand development  or re-development and marketing messages, crisis communications, web and graphic design, and media placement.


Xtrant helps you, your team, vendors, clients—anyone really— share and discuss project samples, documents, assets and links, schedule milestones, manage contacts and track time across all of your projects and initiatives.