Business Support Services
Our primary objective is to grow strong companies that will serve our community. We seek to assist our clients by offering entrepreneurial and management consulting, and supporting our client companies in business planning, strategy, marketing, and operations and human resource issues. Our clients highly value our ability to assist them in financial management and networking in the local business community.

Summary of Related Services and Facility

  • Office Space is offered as individual offices, suites and bays, from 150 square feet up to approximately 1,200 square feet. Also currently available is 7500 square feet of “shell space” which may be built out to a specific client’s needs.
  • Common Rooms: We offer common reception, copy and work rooms and break rooms, all included in the basic monthly fee.
  • Conference Rooms: Large and small conference rooms are offered on a regular basis free of charge and for a nominal fee for extended or extensive usage.
  • Copy/Fax Services: available at a reasonable rates.
  • Phone: Clients have the option to pay a modest monthly fee, plus long distance charges for phone service.
  • LAN Services, Server Support, and Internet Connectivity: Each office is wired for Ethernet connection and LAN technical support is offered. Through our network, clients can access T-1 and T-3n connections.


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